Teleconsultation in ergonomy

A worker benefiting from a teleconsultation in ergonomy

Telework is becoming the norm in Quebec as a result of social distancing. For this reason, many workers now have to work from home. However, a significant proportion of them are not working in ergonomically favorable conditions. From this perspective, the teleconsultation in ergonomy offered by the team at Clinique GO™ is a good solution for workers who wish to avoid long-term consequences on their well-being and health.


The consequences of poor work ergonomics

Office work is a static type of work. When we sit in a static position to work at a computer, our body is held in a position that requires constant muscle contraction. Without us realizing it in the short term, this puts a lot of pressure on certain parts of the body, such as the back, shoulders, trapezius muscles, etc. In the long run, this can lead to pain and even muscle and skeletal injuries.


A non-ergonomic working position is therefore associated with an increased risk of suffering injuries such as tendinitis or muscle strains. Good work ergonomics encompasses several factors, including the individual’s posture, the layout of the workstation and the organization of work itself.


Workers who are called upon to work from home should therefore consult a professional to analyze their posture and work techniques in order to promote their long-term comfort. This is where the interventions of our ergonomists, carried out remotely through teleconsultation, come in.


The objectives of the teleconsultation in ergonomy

Teleconsultation in ergonomy aims to make your workstation as ergonomic as possible in order to promote your well-being at work and, of course, to avoid any injuries that may occur. To do this, the ergonomist structures his intervention to cover 3 main aspects.


  • The optimization of the workstation: height of the desk, quality and positioning of the chair, layout of work tools… These are elements that must be considered for an optimal layout of the workstation. The ergonomist can evaluate these and provide relevant advice.
  • Adopting an ergonomic posture: optimal body positioning reduces the pressure that is otherwise exerted on the neck, back, shoulders, etc. The ergonomist evaluates the worker’s posture to optimize it from an ergonomic point of view in order to prevent discomfort.
  • Teaching exercises: Regularly performed exercises help to stretch the various parts of the body, reduce discomfort and prevent it from turning into pain.


A relevant service for all workers

If you are now called upon to work from home, whether part-time or full-time, make sure you adopt an ergonomic work position to avoid the consequences of poor posture or a non-ergonomic workstation on your well-being, or even on your physical health. It has been proven that optimizing work from an ergonomic point of view not only reduces the risk of injury, but also has a direct impact on productivity!


If you have any questions related to the teleconsultation in ergonomy, please contact our counsellors at Clinique GO™. Our team will be happy to provide you with more information on this service and how it works!


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