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The contexts of intervention in telerehabilitation

During an initial telephone interview with the physiotherapist, he will determine if a remote assessment service is appropriate. A home assessment may be recommended following this call. For certain conditions assessed at home, a remote follow-up may be offered.

These key conditions include:

  • Advice on the risk of falling :

    this service is mainly intended for seniors or those with reduced mobility. The physiotherapist can analyze the elements of the home and the environment that may increase the risk of falling. The interventions of our physiotherapists aim to minimize these risks through personalized advice adapted to the individual’s situation.

  • Follow-up of physiotherapy exercise programs :

    this type of follow-up can be done and adapted remotely according to the objectives of the physiotherapy rehabilitation (strengthening, stability, balance, etc.). This allows for progression or maintenance of skills.

  • Pain management education :

    Physiotherapists can intervene in acute or chronic pain management. Advice can also be offered on controlling the sources of pain and managing it through habit correction and exercise.

  • Tips to help control edema :

    The physiotherapist can offer advice on reducing edema, regardless of the condition to which it is related (trauma, surgery, etc.).

Services offered through telerehabilitation are provided by a member of the Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec.
téléréadaptation en physiothérapie

Who is telerehabilitation in physical therapy  intended for?

Our online consultation service is available to anyone with a computer or mobile device with access to a videoconferencing service. Telerehabilitation is primarily intended for adults and seniors. In certain situations, it is also possible for the online consultation to take place with a caregiver.

How to access our telerehabilitation in physical therapy service?

If you need this service for any of the reasons mentioned above, simply contact our team to meet with a physiotherapist virtually.

Here is how telerehabilitation works in detail:


Request an appointment

Once you have filled out our online form, our counsellors will evaluate your needs and then offer you a telerehabilitation appointment with a physiotherapist.

Access to the online consultation

Our virtual consultation service is easily accessible on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You must have access to a camera.
déroulement du rendez-vous

Appointment process

Your physiotherapist will provide services at a predetermined time to address one of the needs mentioned above.


Follow-up appointments can be scheduled if your needs require them.

Our physiotherapists can work in your home or an online consultation. Thus, our counsellors always make sure they understand your situation to direct you to a professional who has the right field of expertise for your physiotherapy needs.

Notre service de téléréadaptation en physiothérapie

Our physical therapy telerehabilitation service is available to all Quebec residents.

Both accessible and easy to use, it promotes access to qualified professionals at a distance to a greater number of people.