The multidisciplinary team at Clinique GO™ is pleased to offer an online consultation service throughout Quebec!
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Take advantage of our online consultation services

Among our wide range of health and social services professionals, many can intervene remotely to provide their advice. Our online consultation services are intended for people with various physical, mental, or cognitive conditions, but also for people who are experiencing problems in their personal, family, or professional life.

How do our online consultation services work?

It’s simple, all you need is a computer, phone or tablet that gives you access to an internet video calling service. Access to a camera may be necessary for some services.

Our team will provide you with all the necessary information for a smooth online consultation when you confirm your appointment. For telemedicine, you will be automatically connected with a doctor.


Thanks to our telemedicine service, you can get a medical opinion quickly while avoiding visiting the doctor’s office. This virtual medical consultation service is available across Canada! It is important to understand that this service has its limits and is indicated in specific situations, notably to:

  • Receive advice from a certified physician, who practises family medicine or emergency medicine here in Canada.

  • Consultation and follow-ups for minor routine care requiring medical advice: cold, flu, urinary tract infection, eye infection, vomiting and other minor problems.

  • Renewal of medical prescriptions.

Online medical consultation services are not a substitute for emergency rooms and medical teams.

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Online Psychologist

Online counselling is a great way to follow up on psychological issues. This service is intended for clients of all ages. For children under the age of 14, virtual consultations with the psychologist are conducted with a parent.

This service can be useful to address the following issues:

  • Stress, anxiety, or depression.

  • Self-esteem, self-questioning, or self-confidence problems.

  • Emotional management.

  • Couple therapy.

  • Burnout, abuse of power, job loss.

  • Family, interpersonal or love problems.

  • Parental coaching.

  • Following a diagnosis or loss of autonomy, for the person or the caregiver.

  • Bereavement.

  • Post-traumatic shock.

  • And much more.

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Psychologue en ligne

Online Social Worker

Social workers’ interventions also lend themselves well to online counselling in a variety of contexts:

Personal difficulties :

Management of stress, anxiety and emotions, assertiveness, self-esteem and self-confidence, romantic difficulties, or interpersonal conflicts.

Mental health :

Explanation of the illness and its impact on social and relational functioning, advice on available services and resources, legal advice, and procedures.

Addiction :

Advice for loved ones, available resources, how to get to therapy centres.

Social rights, elder abuse :

Answers to questions related to all issues involving the possibility of injury to social rights, information and advice on possible social recourses and referral to relevant resources.
Téléréadaptation en physiothérapie

Telerehabilitation in Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists can assist adults and seniors virtually with the following conditions:

Falls: Assess the risks of falls in your home to reduce them.

Follow-up of exercise programs: Follow-up on an exercise program remotely as part of a physiotherapy rehabilitation program.

Pain management: Provide advice on controlling pain and its sources.

Edema control: Provide advice on controlling and reducing edema following trauma, surgery, etc.

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Online Ergonomics Assessment

Thanks to the virtual ergonomics consultation, you can get advice on how to design an ergonomic workspace and develop habits that are conducive to your well-being at work.

This service will help prevent the discomforts associated with a non-ergonomic workstation from turning into pain.

This service is offered by videoconference only. Here are some of the topics that can be discussed during the online consultation:

  • Workstation design and optimization.

  • Postures to adopt for better ergonomics and to prevent discomfort.

  • Exercises to reduce discomfort and prevent pain.

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