Health-related teleconsultation services

The multidisciplinary team at Clinique GO™ is pleased to offer health-related teleconsultation services throughout Quebec!

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Among our wide range of health and social services professionals, many can intervene remotely to provide advice. These teleconsultation services are intended for people suffering from a variety of conditions, physical, mental or psychological, but also for people who encounter problems in their personal, family or professional life.

Depending on the case, an initial face-to-face meeting between the professional and the client may be necessary before the follow-up through teleconsultation can be carried out. In other cases, our services can be completely delivered by teleconsultation. For more details on each of our disciplines for which this service is offered, please consult the different sections below on this page.

How does our teleconsultation service work?

It's simple, all you need is a computer, a smart phone or an electronic tablet that gives you access to a video calling service over the Internet.

The professional will contact you at the scheduled time when you book your appointment. It is also at this time that our team will provide you with all the information you need to ensure that your teleconsultation runs smoothly.

What are the advantages of health teleconsultations for our clients?

In addition to promoting access to quality health services for as many people as possible, our health teleconsultation services offer you many advantages:

  • The fees related to this type of service are often lower than those for face-to-face meetings, as they do not require our professionals to travel;
  • Online consultations fit well into a busy schedule since they can be done from just about anywhere (home, workplace, etc.);
  • Travel is avoided for clients with reduced mobility and for whom it could prove risky;
  • Receipts for insurance companies can be issued, as is the case for our home services.
téléconsultation médicale

Medical online consultation

Consultations with our doctor can be done remotely, through teleconsultation. It should be understood that this service has its limitations and that medical teleconsultation is indicated in specific situations, such as:

  • For the diagnosis of benign conditions;
  • For the medical follow-up of patients who have already been seen;
  • For the renewal of medical prescriptions;
  • To obtain a medical referral to a specialist or other health care professional.

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Please note that the services of our doctors do not replace the services of an emergency room and a medical team. For any urgent condition, call 911.

Online consultation with a psychologist

For a follow-up in psychology, teleconsultation is quite appropriate! This service is intended for clients of all ages. For children under the age of 14, teleconsultations with the psychologist are carried out in the company of a parent. This service is offered in particular for:

  • The management of anxiety disorders;
  • People suffering from depression;
  • Parental coaching (guidance for parents of young children, behavioural, emotional and crisis management, lifestyle advice, etc.);
  • And much more!

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téléconsultation en travail social

Online consultation with a social worker

Social worker interventions also lend themselves well to teleconsultation in a variety of contexts:
  • Personal difficulties: A solution-focused, motivational and supportive approach that aims to provide concrete help to people living with these personal difficulties in relation to : The management of stress, anxiety and emotions; Assertiveness, self-esteem and self-confidence; Conflict or other interpersonal difficulties; Love difficulties;
  • Mental health: Explanation of the illness and its impact on social and relational functioning, advice on available services and resources, advice and legal procedures;
  • Dependency: Advice to family and friends, available resources, procedures for therapy centres;
  • Social rights, elder abuse: Support for questioning related to all issues involving the possibility of social rights violations, information and guidance on possible social recourses and referral to relevant resources.
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Telerehabilitation in physiotherapy

Physiotherapists can intervene remotely in certain situations. This service is intended for adults and seniors.
  • Falls prevention: Assess the risk of falls in your home to reduce the risk of falling.
  • Follow-up of exercise programs: remotely monitor an exercise program as part of a physiotherapy rehabilitation program.
  • Pain management: provide advice on how to control pain and its sources.
  • Swelling management: providing advice on how to control and reduce edema following trauma, surgery, etc.
  • Post-traumatic assessment: determine if x-rays are required following trauma, and liaise with a physician for prescription.
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Téléréadaptation en physiothérapie

Teleconsultation in ergonomy

Many workers are expected to remain working from home for a period of time that has yet to be determined. Unfortunately, not all of them have adequate workspace, which can cause discomfort. With the help of a Teleconsultation in Ergonomy, you can get advice on how to design a workspace ergonomically and develop habits that are beneficial to your well-being at work.

The service will help prevent the discomfort of a poorly designed workstation from turning into pain.

This service is offered by videoconference only. During a one-hour consultation, important topics will be discussed, such as:

  • Workstation layout and optimization;
  • Postures to adopt for better ergonomics and for the prevention of discomfort;
  • Exercises to be done to reduce discomfort and prevent pain.

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