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Clinique GO™ provides telemedicine programs for businesses anywhere in Quebec.

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What are our telemedicine programs all about?

Give your employees peace of mind and quality time at work or home by reducing unnecessary trips and waiting times at the clinic!

With our workplace telemedicine programs, your employees will be able to consult a qualified Quebec physician as if they were meeting him at the office. The online medical consultation allows you to obtain advice from an experienced physician, laboratory tests, prescriptions, or a referral to meet with a specialist or other health professional.

Discreet and secure, our virtual care is offered through chat, audio, and video calls, without the need to see a doctor in person. It’s a quick service accessible from a computer or smartphone.

By partnering with Clinique GO™, you will benefit from our turnkey solutions tailored to your organization’s precise needs. Make a difference to the health of your employees and your business by enhancing your benefits with our telemedicine service. You can also add our Mental Health Programs and our solutions to support employees on sick leave (absence management and disability forms) to your customized package.

Why choose Clinique GO™’s telemedicine programs for your business?

Soutenir la santé physique et mentale de vos employés

Support employee well-being

Évitez les déplacements et favorisez l’équilibre travail-famille

Avoid all unnecessary trips to the clinic and promote work-life balance


Reduce your absenteeism and presenteeism costs


Increase the productivity of your organization!

Fast and easy access to a doctor, wherever you are!

A simple and effective service, available at all times

What medical conditions can be treated with our telemedicine service?

Our telemedicine consultation services for businesses are particularly advised for renewing or reissuing a prescription for medication or obtaining a medical note if you need some time off work to take care of yourself. Telemedicine can also be useful for the following conditions:

  • Cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, fever.

  • Urinary tract infection.

  • Eye infection (conjunctivitis, styes, inflammation of the eyelid).

  • Gastric disorders (upset stomach, diarrhea).

  • Minor muscle or joint pain.

  • Sexual health problems.

  • Minor dermatological problems (acne, cut, rash, cold sores).

  • Mental health problems.

  • Request for a blood test, lab test, ultrasound, or X-ray.

  • Referral to a medical specialist or other health care professional

  • Getting medical forms filled out.

  • And much more.

How does it work?

Once you sign up for our virtual medical care, your employees will be able to get a consultation in just a few minutes!
Ouvrez une session sur l’application et décrivez vos symptômes
Sign into the app and describe your symptoms
Échangez avec un médecin
Chat with a doctor
Recevez un avis médical, un diagnostic ou une ordonnance
Get a medical opinion, diagnosis, or prescription

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