Clinique GO™ offers in-home occupational therapy services in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil.

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What is occupational therapy ?

Occupational therapists are health care professionals specialized in maintaining and enabling independence and autonomy of people in their home or work environment. They allow people to continue to successfully perform their personal or professional daily activities in an independent manner. An occupational therapist can assess physical limitations as well as environmental and psychosocial factors that many affect a patient on a daily basis. The main goal for an occupational therapist is to develop, restore or maintain a person’s independence.

By assessing motor skills, sensorimotor skills, psychology and cognitive abilities, an occupational therapist is able to devise an action plan detailing care, preventative measures, rehabilitation needs as well as psychosocial rehabilitation to compensate for their patients’ limitations. The main goal for an occupational therapist is to develop, restore or maintain a person’s independence.

Occupational therapy is a science based on the link between a person’s activities and their health.

Clinique GO™’s occupational therapists are all current members of the Ordre des ergothérapeutes du Québec.

What does an occupational therapy session entail?

Clinique GO™ offers in-home occupational therapy. During your appointment, your occupational therapist will determine and implement a treatment and intervention plan. They will then be able to put together an action plan for you. An occupational therapist will help improve your quality of life, whether the issues are subsequent to trauma, an illness affecting your psychomotor or psychological skills or simply age related.

Clinique GO™’s occupational therapists are highly skilled and provide in-home services to maximize your comfort. They may help you with the following:

  • Assessing and suggesting appropriate care for musculoskeletal problems (back pain, pain in hands, etc.)
  • Assessing and suggesting changes needed at home or in a workplace (home, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, workstation, etc.)
  • Residential Adaptation Assistance Program
  • Assessing a person affected by a neuropsychological disorder and modifying their environment
  • Rehabilitation therapy after a stroke
  • Assessing driving abilities and the need for a disabled or reduced mobility parking permit
  • Assessing and help applying for adapted transportation
  • Assessing and advice for children with developmental delays
  • Fine motor skill assessment or general assessments
  • Help with energy levels and improve comfort for people in palliative care or with cancer.
  • Technical advice about mobility

Who can benefit from occupational therapy ?

Our occupational therapist’s skills are diverse and cater to all in-home patients of all ages.

Our sessions are as beneficial to adults in helping them perform daily activities after an injury or accident; as to the elderly who wish to stay at home despite their declining autonomy. Our in-home services also help children with delayed development or sensorimotor disorders for example. We work closely with families and other professionals to ensure the best outcome of our treatments.

Companies and different organizations can also benefit from our Clinique GO™ occupational therapy services. They may advise and give tips to business owners as to how to set up healthy, ergonomic workstations to keep employees comfortable and injury-free.

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Which areas do our occupational therapists travel to?

Clinique GO™ offer in-home occupational therapy services in Montreal, including Greater Montreal, Laval and Longueuil.

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