Clinique GO™ offers telemedicine services across Canada.

What is a virtual medical consultation service?

Clinique GO™’s telemedicine service is a technological solution designed to communicate with a physician in a few minutes, without even having to go anywhere.

You can obtain a doctor’s advice, certain prescriptions, a doctor’s bill, a request for laboratory analysis, all without having to meet a doctor in his office. Thanks to a secure platform, these virtual meetings take place as if they were in person. The doctor can ask questions about your symptoms, review your medical history, examine you if necessary, and make a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Telemedicine is a service regulated by the College of Physicians. In some instances, our physicians may not be able to help you online. If they determine that they cannot help you, they will decline your request and you will not be charged.

Alternatively, if the doctor determines that your condition is serious during the virtual consultation, he or she may ask you to go to a clinic for an in-person examination.

Get a doctor’s opinion quickly with our telemedicine service. This virtual medical consultation service is available across Canada!
Fast and reliable Available seven days a week from 6:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.

How does the telemedicine service offered by Clinique GO™ work?

service de télémédecine
  1. Click on the «Book a telemedicine appointment» button ;
  2. Fill out the form.
  3. A qualified physician will see you in just a few moments.


Why use our telemedicine service?

  • To receive advice from an accredited physician, who practices family medicine or emergency medicine here in Canada.

  • A prescription if it is justified, and direct shipment to the pharmacy of your choice if it is a medication.

  • Renewal of your medication previously prescribed by a specialized nurse practitioner (SPN) or a physician, and direct shipping to the pharmacy of your choice.

  • Consultation and follow-up for minor routine care requiring medical advice : cold, flu, urinary tract infection, eye infection, vomiting and other minor problems.

  • A doctor’s bill if you must be away from work or school for a short time.

  • For sexual health issues and erectile dysfunction.

  • A minor dermatological condition, urgent or not, that can be examined by photo or video.

  • To work closely with your health care professional and provide medical advice.


Clinique GO™ also offers workplace telemedicine programs.

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    FAQ - Clinique GO™

    The Clinique GO™ virtual clinic allows you to communicate with a licensed physician in Quebec in just a few minutes. Simply describe your symptoms and chat with the next available physician to obtain prescriptions, laboratory analysis requests, medical advice and more!
    Log in, request a visit and within minutes you will be able to connect with a doctor. These visits work just as if they were in person: the doctor can examine you, if necessary, ask questions about your symptoms, review your medical history, make a diagnosis, and establish a treatment plan. If your condition is deemed serious, you may be asked to go to a clinic for an in-person examination.
    Our physician matching system is based on availability, so it is unlikely that you will see the same physician every time. That said, some of our specialists offer continuity of care through appointments that can be booked.

    Yes, this is a private service and each consultation starts at $210.

    We accept all major credit cards along with Google and Apple Pay.
    Absolutely! Maple’s doctors can prescribe almost any medication, except for controlled substances (although some specialists may prescribe controlled substances in certain cases).
    Once a doctor has given you a prescription, you can fax it immediately to a local pharmacy. Or, if you wish, we can even send it to you directly. Please note, however, that this may take a few days.
    We can provide lab orders, including blood tests, X-rays, and ultrasounds. Your doctor can write a prescription that you can download and take to any lab or imaging centre.
    Once your results are received, you will be notified. If a follow-up is required, we will notify you and you can request a new consultation with an online physician or take the results to your regular general practitioner.
    Yes, your personal and medical information is completely confidential. We take privacy very seriously. When you use our services, your session is protected by a secure infrastructure and strict data policy. You also always retain full control of your personal medical information.
    Yes, you can. Our doctors will be happy to write you a digital medical note for work or school if needed, on their letterhead.

    Use the Clinique GO™ virtual clinic for any health concern that would normally require you to see a doctor in a walk-in clinic. This can be a cold, flue, eyes infection, sexual health problem, eretctile dysfunction, vomiting, diarrhea, skin problem and more. Our online doctors can treat a wide variety of illnesses. If they determine that they cannot help you, based on the information you submit before your visit, they will reject your request and you will not be charged.

    The Clinique GO™ virtual clinic is available seven days a week, from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

    You should not use the virtual clinic in case of a medical emergency. If you need urgent life-saving care, call 911. In some cases, our doctors may not be able to help you online.