Physiotherapy: 3 services offered via online consultation

An online consultation in physiotherapy

It may be surprising to learn that physiotherapists can provide some services at a distance. Indeed, when we think of physiotherapy, we first think of manual interventions that require contact between the therapist and the client. Nevertheless, Clinique GO™ is proud to be able to offer you the benefit of the intervention of qualified physiotherapists, even at a distance through online consultation.


The expertise of qualified professionals offered at a distance

The physiotherapists at Clinique GO™ are, like their colleagues who work in the public network or in private clinics, members of the Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec. Thus, their practice is certified and their competencies are recognized by the authorities in place. This means that you can call on their services in complete confidence, knowing that you will be cared for by a qualified therapist.


Discover 3 contexts in which you can use the physiotherapy online consultation service.


Injury or trauma assessment

As the saying goes, “an accident happens fast”! In the current context with the pandemic, before going to the emergency room following an injury or trauma and exposing yourself to potential risks of contamination, call on our services.


Our physiotherapists can effectively assess an injury caused by shock or trauma through videoconferencing. By conducting a visual examination of the injury, the professional can determine if x-rays are necessary to determine the degree of injury (sprain, fracture, etc.). It is important to note that the physiotherapist cannot prescribe the x-rays himself or herself, but can refer the client to a physician who will be able to do so. Clinique GO™ also offers the services of a physician who can provide the necessary prescription.


In short, this service avoids unnecessary trips to the clinic or emergency room by having a qualified physiotherapist assess the client.


Tips for preventing falls

Seniors who live at home are particularly at risk for falls and the long-term consequences. A large study published by the Institut national de la santé publique du Québec in 2008 reported that 4% of people aged 65 and over in the province had suffered at least one fall that had consequences in carrying out their daily activities. With the aging of the population, this proportion is unfortunately set to increase. This is why it is essential to raise awareness about falls prevention among seniors.


The physiotherapists at Clinique GO™ are qualified to intervene at a distance, through teleconsultation, in the context of falls prevention. To do so, the professional asks the client about his or her habits. In addition, they conduct a visual assessment of certain parts of the home to identify factors that represent an increased risk of falling. Then, he can propose simple adaptations to eliminate these risk factors, with a view to prevention.


To learn more about the risks of falls among seniors and the prevention services offered by our team, consult this article on our blog.


Remote monitoring of physiotherapy exercise programs

In physiotherapy, clients are often given exercises to do on a regular basis at home. Unfortunately, sessions with the therapist cannot work miracles, which is why the performance of these exercises is directly related to the client’s progress. The exercises are proposed according to the problem for which the client originally consulted; they therefore make it possible to achieve different objectives: improvement of mobility, balance and proprioception; strengthening exercises, stretching, etc.


When carrying out a physiotherapy exercise program, regular follow-up with a physiotherapist is necessary. The physiotherapist will be able to monitor the progress and evaluate the results of the exercises. In light of the progression, the therapist can also suggest adjustments, which are intended to avoid reaching a plateau in the progression. As you can see, follow-up for your physiotherapy exercise program can be offered via teleconsultation by our professionals!



Our team remains at your disposal to answer any questions you may have about the services we can offer through physiotherapy teleconsultation. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


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