Paratransit: assessment & application for admission

A paratransit service user

Due to physical or mental health, some people cannot safely use public transit on their own. For this reason, municipalities offer adapted transportation services to enable these people to maintain their autonomy. To access this service, an application must be duly completed and sent to the paratransit agent in the municipality.

In this specific case, the Clinique GO™ team is pleased to provide its clients with a service for the evaluation and completion of the paratransit admission application

How to complete the paratransit admission application ?

A significant portion of the paratransit application form must be completed by a health professional who has access to the applicant’s diagnosis and, therefore, who knows the condition that prompted the applicant to make the request. Depending on the municipality and the person’s condition, the type of professional may vary. In the majority of cases, it may be an occupational or physiotherapist since these professionals have the expertise to assess a person’s physical abilities and limitations caused by a physical or mental disability, or an illness.

In short, here are the steps to follow to make an application:

  • To obtain the application form, contact mandataire ;
  • The applicant must complete Part 1 of the admission form;
  • The professional must complete Part 2 of the form. To do this, it must conduct an assessment of the condition of demandeur ;

Once the form is completed, it must be sent to the authorized organization with the documents requested in the appendices (most often a photo of the applicant and proof of age).

We are aware that completing each of these steps can be tedious for some people. That is why the professionals at Clinique GO™, who are used to completing requests, will assist you at each of these stages. This prevents you from having an application rejected because it is not properly completed and speeds up the process for you.


Eligibility criteria for paratransit

Paratransit eligibility circuses are clearly defined by Transports Québec and apply to all residents of the province. To be eligible, the applicant must therefore meet the following two requirements:

1. To have a disability, i.e. “a person with a disability that results in a significant and persistent disability and who is subject to obstacles in the performance of everyday activities”

2. In terms of mobility, the applicant must have limitations that justify requesting paratransit service. The disabilities that are selected are clearly defined in the eligibility policy. You can find the accepted disabilities by clicking on this link.

For more information on the assessment and eligibility for paratransit, including examples of eligible conditions or the elements included in the assessment, we invite you to consult this other article on our blog.

If you have any questions about our services for the evaluation and completion of an application for admission to paratransit, do not hesitate to contact us at équipe !

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