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  • The first priority of health care professionals is health. We understand that.
  • The first priority of physicians is the health of their patients. We understand that.
  • The public is asking for in-home and workplace health care services. We also understand that.

Since 1998, residents in Greater Montreal have been able to count on Clinique GO™ for an appointment with a health care professional within 24 to 48 hours at their home or office. As a partner of the health care network, we work in close collaboration with health institutions to fulfill the mission of all health care professionals. Our goal is to meet the needs of citizens residing in Greater Montreal by acting as a complement to the public health care network. That’s why we need you.

Become the first physicians to contribute to the growth of an organization that is turned to the future. Experience what it is to provide in-home and workplace health care services!

Contact Francis Desjardins, President, at 514-994-6023, ext. 105

Francis-Desjardins Approuvé par Francis Desjardins
Président et physiothérapeute depuis 1994.
Francis Dejardins