GO Paediatrics offers health care services in Montreal, including Greater Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, Monteregie and the North Shore of Montreal.

What is GO Paediatrics?

GO Paediatrics offer a wide range of health care services to children and their families. These services are available in your own home, at daycare centers (daycare, early childhood centers) or at schools. GO Paediatric professionals will come to you, to offer you and your family the care you need.

GO Paediatric professionals are all certified professionals who are members of associations or of their respective governing bodies. They are all carefully chosen to be part of our team to guarantee you the same quality provided in private clinics. Insurance receipts are available on request.

What services do GO Paediatrics provide?

GO Paediatrics offer the following health care services at home, at daycare or early childhood centers as well as at schools :

Psychoeducation: Is your child having difficulty adjusting to a school environment or suffer from learning disabilities like ADHD or autism spectrum disorder (ASD)? GO Paediatrics will be able to provide your child with the support and advice they require to fit into their new environment.

Occupational therapy: GO Paediatrics occupational therapists provide service at your chosen location for children suffering from many disorders such as motor or sensory disorders as well as developmental delays.

Physiotherapy: Does your child suffer from torticollis, flat head syndrome or other disorders related to motor development? Go Paediatrics physiotherapists offer in-home treatments as well as at their daycare.

Nutrition: Go Paediatrics nutritionists will be able to provide you with the advice you need for your child if they are suffering from diet related issues for example being overweight or a digestive disease such as Crohn’s disease.

Speech therapy: Go Paediatrics speech therapists are recommended when your child is suffering from a language problem such as trouble pronunciation words or dyspraxia, meaning they cannot make certain sounds or say certain words.

Osteopathy: GO Paediatrics osteopathy sessions can help treat many different kinds of illnesses a child may suffer from such as digestive and motor disorders or repetitive infections such as bronchitis, sinus or ear infections.

GO Paediatrics also offer for your child massage therapy, acupuncture and psychology session in-home or at their school or daycare.

Physicians: Our physicians can give you medical advice about a condition that affects your child or teenager. If needed, they will be able to refer you to a pediatrician or any other specialist.

Nursing: Our nurses can give you advice and support for any condition that affects your newborn, child, or teenager. If needed, the nurse can contact your physician. It’s never been easier to get a flu vaccine or have a sample taken directly at your home.

Why contact GO Paediatrics services?

Go Paediatrics services will allow your child to receive the care they need in a familiar environment such as at home, at daycare or at school. A child may be intimidated or destabilized when visiting a health care professional in a clinic setting. By using GO Paediatrics services you will be putting the odds in your favour to ensure the smooth running and efficiency of sessions for your child, without necessarily even leaving work each time.

GO Paediatrics offer sessions at very competitive prices in comparison with clinics. These sessions are usually covered by most private insurances.