Five good reasons to consult an audiologist

There are many reasons to consult an audiologist

The mobile team at Clinique GOTM now offers audiology services. Our in-home audiologist can travel to the location of your choice in Greater Montreal to assess your condition and identify your needs, all with the goal of promoting your auditory health! What are their areas of expertise?


A lot of people might have this question, so we’ve decided to describe a few examples of situations where you could benefit from calling upon our team for a consultation!


Audiology in Quebec

Anyone who wants to become an audiologist in Quebec needs a master’s degree in audiology. This comprehensive program allows future audiologists to gain all the skills necessary for the field. Their training includes an exhaustive theoretical portion and supervised clinical practicum. Furthermore, they need to be a member of the Ordre des orthophonistes et des audiologistes du Québec (OOAQ). The profession is therefore regulated by a professional order.


According to the OOAQ, “an audiologist’s scope of practice is to assess auditory capabilities, create a treatment and intervention plan, and ensure its implementation in order to improve or recover an individual’s communication skills in their environment.” Only audiologists may practice these activities.


Why should you consult an audiologist?

Now that you know a bit more about audiologists and what they do, here are a few examples of situations where they can help!


Hearing loss

Whether due to aging or industrial deafness (deafness caused by noise in a work environment), hearing loss affects a great number of people. In fact, it is estimated that one out of five adults has experienced hearing loss. And more than half of senior citizens aged 80 and over must deal with this condition and its consequences.


In these cases, an audiologist can assess their level of hearing loss and the negative impact it has on their day-to-day activities. The professional will be able to recommend strategies that aim to improve communication between the individual and the people around them so they can continue to enjoy the hobbies and activities that are important to them. An audiologist can also recommend hearing aids and refer the individual to a hearing aid acoustician. Furthermore, they can also recommend various tips and tricks to help the individual open up lines of communication in order to prevent social isolation. Unfortunately, this is a common side effect of hearing loss, especially in senior citizens.



Anyone suffering from tinnitus knows how unpleasant this condition is! Tinnitus is noise that is not caused by an external stimulus. Its nature and intensity can vary from one person to another.


Even though there is no outright cure for tinnitus, there are ways to deal with it. An audiologist can help identify the causes of tinnitus or refer the individual to an ear, nose, and throat specialist who can rule out any underlying medical condition. Finally, an audiologist can recommend strategies that will reduce the intensity and perception of tinnitus, by amplifying the person’s sound environment for instance.



The vestibular system is located in the internal ear and is responsible for a person’s sense of balance. When a person’s vestibular system is affected by a condition, they might experience vertigo and dizziness. With their expertise and knowledge of the auditory system, an audiologist can carry out various tests to identify the precise cause of vertigo. They can also refer clients to an ear, nose, and throat specialist if needed. Because vertigo can be caused by serious medical conditions, you should not ignore it!


Hearing screening

An in-home hearing screening will allow an audiologist to find out if a more in-depth evaluation is needed in an audiology testing booth and/or laboratory. In most cases, it also allows the professional to put together a list of practical tips for the patient and their loved ones. Our screening service is intended for individuals aged 5 and over.


Reimbursement of hearing aids

In Quebec, only a hearing aid acoustician may provide hearing aids. However, to obtain a reimbursement from the RAMQ, an individual must have completed an audiogram which is a hearing test to assess their degree of hearing loss. This test can be performed by an audiologist or an ear, nose, and throat specialist. The audiogram is carried out in a specialized sound booth in a recognized laboratory.


If you think your condition is similar to ones described above, contact our mobile services! Our audiologists will travel to the location of your choice to help you.

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