Telerehabilitation in physiotherapy

At Clinique GO™ we are constantly looking to integrate the latest technology into our health care and in-home services.

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Thanks to our telerehabilitation in physiotherapy service, you can now benefit from the expertise of a physiotherapist in the comfort of your own home, virtually.

In the following, you will learn about situations in which our physiotherapists can provide their advice remotely via our online consultation service.

Contexts of telerehabilitation intervention

Some needs that can be met by our home physiotherapists can also be addressed through teleconsultation. The main ones are as follows:

  • Advice against the risk of falling: this service is mainly aimed at the elderly or those with reduced mobility. The physiotherapist can analyze the elements in your home and environment that increase the risk of falling. Our interventions aim to reduce these to a minimum thanks to personalized advice adapted to each person's situation.
  • Follow-up of physiotherapy exercise programs: Depending on the goals of physiotherapy rehabilitation (strengthening, stability, balance, etc.), the follow-up of an exercise program prescribed by a physiotherapist can be done remotely. This makes it possible to avoid reaching a plateau in progression and to maintain what has been learned.
  • Pain management education: Physiotherapists can help with pain management, whether acute or chronic. Advice can be offered to control its sources and manage it through habitual corrections and exercises.
  • Tips to help control swelling: Physiotherapists can offer advice on how to reduce swelling, regardless of the condition (trauma, surgery, etc.).
  • Post-traumatic assessment: The physiotherapist can assess an injury following trauma to determine if x-rays are needed. The professional cannot prescribe the x-rays, but can liaise with a physician who can. This avoids unnecessary trips to the clinic.

Services offered through telerehabilitation are provided by a member of the Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec who has the same qualifications as a professional who practices in a clinic or in the public network.

Who is telerehabilitation in physical therapy intended for?

First of all, you should know that our online consultation service is accessible to anyone with a computer or mobile device that provides access to a videoconferencing service. Our counsellors will explain the connection process when you make your appointment and will accompany you if necessary.


For telerehabilitation more specifically, it is a service for adults and seniors. In certain situations, it is also possible that the online consultation will take place with a caregiver.

À qui s’adresse la téléréadaptation en physiothérapie ?

How to access our physical therapy telerehabilitation service?

If you need this service for one of the reasons mentioned above, simply contact our team to meet with a physiotherapist virtually for advice adapted to your needs.

Here is the detailed functioning of telerehabilitation:

Appointment request: contact our counsellors. They will be able to evaluate your needs and set up a telerehabilitation appointment with you with a physiotherapist.

Connecting to the online consultation: you can easily access the online consultation using a computer or mobile device. It must be equipped with a videoconferencing service.

Appointment scheduling: Your physiotherapist will offer his or her services at the predetermined time to meet one of the needs mentioned above.

Follow-up: Follow-up appointments can be scheduled if your needs require it.

Within our team, several physiotherapists offer their services at home and through online consultation. Thus, our counsellors always make sure they understand your situation in order to direct you to a professional who has a field of expertise adapted to your physiotherapy needs.

Finally, remember that the telerehabilitation in physical therapy service is available to all Quebec residents. This service is intended to be accessible and simple to use, in order to allow a maximum number of people to have access to qualified professionals, even virtually.

If you have more questions about telerehabilitation, contact the team at Clinique GO™ now.