Telemedicine: get medical advice without leaving your home

A client benefiting from telemedicine

The professionals at Clinique GO™ are always committed to providing the most accessible health care and social services possible to their clients. This is why our in-home physicians also offer their services via telemedicine. This service is available in French and English via secure videoconferencing. In this article, discover important information about telemedicine and the conditions that are admissible for this service.


What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine, or online medical consultation, allows you to obtain a doctor’s opinion without having to travel to meet the professional in person. This service is offered through online messaging or videoconferencing, a fully secure means of communication. Telemedicine can be used to treat emergencies or minor conditions that do not require a physical examination and in person from the doctor. In some cases, the doctor may evaluate certain elements by video or photo, such as skin lesions, to guide him/her in his/her diagnosis.


For which conditions is it indicated?

Our doctors can, through telemedicine, handle minor emergencies, such as:

  • Urinary tract infections;
  • Skin problems and dermatological conditions that can be examined remotely, by photo or video;
  • For a sexual health consultation.


It is important to note that our doctors intervene for conditions that are not life-threatening, but that require medical advice to be managed.


Other services offered in telemedicine

Other situations may require a consultation with a doctor, but do not require an examination. In these specific cases, it is more than appropriate to use telemedicine services to obtain the service you need and the expertise of the doctor, without having to travel. Here are the other services we offer via telemedicine:


  • Obtaining an order;
  • The renewal of a prescription;
  • Obtaining a referral to a specialist doctor or health professional.


How does it work?

By using this service, you receive advice and guidance from a physician who is a member of the Collège des médecins du Québec. Our two doctors have several years of experience in the practice of general medicine and will offer you a human service, adapted to today’s reality.


To take advantage of this service, simply follow these few steps:

  1. By contacting us, our health and customer service advisors will be informed of your needs. This will determine whether your condition is eligible for telemedicine.
  2. An appointment is set and you receive a confirmation.
  3. At the time scheduled when the appointment is made, a secure link will be sent to you. It will allow you to connect for your online consultation via videoconference.
  4. The consultation with the doctor is carried out by secure communication and you can receive a diagnosis, a prescription or a referral.


Ask our team to learn more about telemedicine, a service that is now offered by our mobile and multidisciplinary team.


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