Clinique GOTM offers in-home stoma care services. Our nurses can travel to your home in order to help you maintain your comfort and privacy. Our team is able to travel throughout Greater Montreal, including Laval, the South Shore, Lanaudière, and the North Shore.


What is a stoma?

A stoma is an opening in the body resulting from an ostomy, created during a surgical intervention. In cases such as cancer, an ostomy is necessary because part of the body (the trachea, intestine, or bladder for instance) is affected by a tumour which prevents it from carrying out its normal functions. A surgeon will then create an opening in the body.


What kinds of stomas require care?

  • Tracheostomy: an incision in the trachea which allows the patient to breathe. A tube is inserted in the incision to help oxygen reach the lungs.
  • Gastrostomy: a surgical opening through the abdomen into the stomach. A tube is inserted to feed the patient with liquid food.
  • Colostomy: the surgeon creates a temporary or permanent (depending on the severity of the problem) opening in the colon. Feces are evacuated through this opening into an attached pouch.
  • Ileostomy: the surgeon creates an opening in the ileum, the end of the small intestine. Feces are evacuated through this opening into an attached pouch.
  • Urostomy: a surgical procedure that enables urine to evacuate the body into a pouch attached to the abdomen, bypassing the bladder.


For more information about surgical procedures and diseases that require a stoma, please visit the Canadian Cancer Society.


Do I need a prescription for stoma care?

A medical prescription is required for stoma care provided by our nurses. However, our education services for stoma care, which are also provided by our nursing staff, do not require a prescription. If you need a prescription, a Clinique GOTM physician is on staff to help you!


See which nursing services require a medical prescription.


In-home stoma care services

Clinique GO™ can provide personalized services to answer any of your questions and concerns about your stoma. Whether you need help emotionally or psychologically adapting, assistance regarding your diet or daily activities, our in-home services can help!


In addition to answering your questions and helping you learn how to take care of your stoma, our staff can show you how to maintain your equipment and how to pack it for travelling.


To get more information about our in-home stoma care services for your situation, please contact us. Keep in mind that by calling upon our services, you’ll always get help from qualified, certified professionals!



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