Mobile services for sample collection

Sample collection by a qualified nurse

With our in-home nursing services, Clinique GOTM is able to help a broad population access practical and high-quality health care services including collection services for blood, urine, and stool samples. Our discreet professionals can travel to the location of your choice.


Has your physician ordered a blood test and you want to avoid travelling and long wait times at the hospital or clinic? Learn more about our in-home sample collection services and its many benefits.


In-home sample collection services from qualified nurses

Clinique GOTM has a team of certified professionals regulated by professional associations or orders. Our in-home nurses are members in good standing of the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec. Our in-home nurses can intervene in a variety of situations and help patients of all ages. Whether for a specific health condition, after a surgery, or for ad hoc care, our nurses adapt to your needs.


In-home urine and stool sample collection services

With your physician’s prescription in hand, you can call upon our in-home stool and urine collection services. Your physician might request different samples for various reasons:


Stool cultures: to detect the presence of bacteria or parasites in the intestine. Can also be requested to detect certain diseases such as colorectal cancer.


Urine cultures: to detect urinary infections or metabolic disorders. Also used to detect certain diseases such as cancers of the urinary system.


Urine sample: this test requires the collection of all the urine produced over 24 hours. There are several reasons why a physician might request this. Our staff can provide advice and we recommend they be with you when you start collecting the sample to make sure it is done correctly.


Our nursing staff can travel with the material necessary for the requested sample. We accept any prescription by a physician. If you have any questions, please contact our team.


The advantages of in-home collection services

There are many advantages to calling upon our services for your urine or stool samples.


A quick, versatile service

You can get a quick appointment with our team. Your nurse will travel to the location of your choice to take the samples requested. This can be your home, workspace, senior citizens residence, CHSLD, etc. Our team shows up at the time you requested so you avoid wait times and travelling.


A professional service and reliable results

Our staff has experience with all kinds of samples. By adhering to the correct methods of collection and using sterile material, you’ll get the most reliable results possible. This service can also help people who may have trouble collecting a sample themselves (persons with reduced mobility, persons with a cognitive impairment, etc.).


Many options for your specific needs

It is possible for you to obtain the results of the sample analysis within only 24 hours. The results will be sent to you and your physician. Additional fees apply. The analyses can also be carried out in a laboratory that is part of the public health network. The results will then be sent directly to your physician as soon as possible. You must have your RAMQ card for this option.


By booking an appointment with our team, we will be able to thoroughly assess your needs and let you know which service is best for you. We’ll also make sure you have all the documentation necessary for your appointment. The Clinique GOTM team is at the service of your health!

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