Psychoeducation services for families

Psychoeducation services for families

Psychoeducation is a versatile discipline that can help an individual adapt to their environment and fulfill their potential. Even though it is commonly associated with educational settings, psychoeducation is a field with a wide scope of intervention that can help in a variety of situations.

According to Émilie Bernier, a psychoeducator with the mobile team at Clinique GOTM, a psychoeducator who provides services directly in the home of their clients can become a powerful ally for families going through difficult situations.


A brief overview of psychoeducation

According to Ms. Bernier, psychoeducation is a discipline focused on providing support. One of its basic principles is to use the client’s own environment to foster their development and help them adapt to this environment. Psychoeducation is based on a systemic model of intervention: it takes into consideration the individual’s various environments and draws support from the key people in their life.
By gaining a thorough understanding of every aspect of a person’s environment, the psychoeducator can understand the problems they face and provide them with the strategies to meet these challenges.

Family psychoeducation

A psychoeducator can help a family overcome difficult situations because they are professionals trained to intervene in their client’s own environment. In this context, the psychoeducator observes the client in their environment as well as the relationships and interactions they have with family members.
By intervening directly in the home of their client, they can gain more valuable insights than if they were in a clinic or office.

When can a psychoeducator help a family?

Ms. Bernier explains that most of her interventions with families deal with behavioural problems in children. Parents often need help with:

  • Problems related to their child’s routine (in the morning when they get up or in the evening when they go to bed)
  • Confrontations, when a child refuses to follow instructions
  • Aggression or impulsivity which leads to violent behaviour
  • Difficulty doing homework, which can be caused by learning disabilities

These are only a few of the situations where consulting a psychoeducator can be beneficial. In any case, the professional will provide support to parents and recommend ways to intervene in a less emotional and more structured way.

Other types of family interventions…

A psychoeducator can also assist with other kinds of family situations, issues not related to a child’s behaviour. For example:

  • One or more family members dealing with a difficult situation, such as mourning, tumultuous family relationships, etc.
  • An individual dealing with a mental or physical disability who needs help to adapt or their loved ones need help adapting
  • A child has trouble adapting, after a move for example


In-home psychoeducation services from Clinic GO™
The professionals at Clinique GOTM are members in good standing of the Ordre des psychoéducateurs du Québec. By combining their expertise with the benefits of in-home services, they can provide families with invaluable help!

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