Physician house calls: when to call upon our services

Physician house calls: when to call upon our services

Whether you’re suffering from an injury, infection, or virus, you might be limited in your abilities to carry out your daily activities, go to work, etc. In these cases, getting quick medical advice can be crucial. But getting a short-notice appointment with a physician can be tricky or even impossible if you don’t have a family doctor.

To remedy this situation, Clinique GOTM is proud to provide in-home physician care for residents of Greater Montreal. To understand when our services can help you avoid travelling and experiencing long wait times at a clinic or the emergency room, please read the following!

A service focused on the client

In addition to providing consultations directly in the client’s home, our physician house calls happen during the scheduled time slot. That way, our physicians can take the time to understand the individual’s condition and then guide them to the treatments or care they need.

Whatever the reasons that compel you to call upon our in-home services, you’ll receive high-quality care from a professional who cares about your well-being and the well-being of your family.

Call upon us for any incapacitating condition

Many conditions can limit a person’s mobility but aren’t severe enough to justify a visit to the emergency room. Alas, many people choose to wait long hours at the ER to obtain medical advice. Examples of non-emergency situations that don’t require a hospitalization or put the patient’s life at risk include the need for a prescription or renewal, a medical referral, a doctor’s authorization for medial leave, a medical form, etc.

Here are a few examples of health problems that our in-home physician care can help you with:

  • Sprains and other conditions limiting your mobility
  • Back pain, lumbago, etc.
  • Cold, flu
  • Infection (ear infection, sinus infection, urinary tract infection, tonsillitis, bronchitis, etc.)
  • And more


Other reasons to rely on our physician house calls

Besides health problems that cause pain and unpleasant symptoms, sometimes you need to see a physician for a specific reason that doesn’t justify long wait times at an emergency room or a walk-in clinic. In these cases, you can get a quick appointment with our in-home physician services.

House calls improve a client’s quality of life and provides them with a positive experience of the health care system! Here are a few other reasons to rely on our in-home health care services:

  • If you need a prescription or renewal
  • If you need a medical referral to consult a specialist or other health care professional
  • If you need a medical form filled out
  • If you need a quick consultation or medical follow-up (our in-home services allow physicians to follow up on patients)
  • If you have a small wound that requires stitches, need samples analyzed, etc.

Our services are ideal for non-urgent situations where you’d consult a family doctor. Clinique GO’s physicians provide general and family medicine. They do not provide emergency services and are not a substitute for paramedics (ambulances) or emergency room physicians. If you are unsure if you should consult emergency services, please contact Info-Santé or Info-Social (811)


For any questions about a specific condition, please contact Clinique GOTM. We’ll be happy to guide you to the services that meet your needs!

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