Online consultation in speech therapy

Online consultation in speech therapy can benefit a lot of problems

For some time now, our team at Clinique GO™ has been offering online consultation services in certain disciplines that are part of our range of home health care and social services. We are therefore proud to promote access for as many people as possible to qualified professionals, including our speech therapist, or speech language pathologist. We do offer online consultation in speech therapy services. The following is an update on this service for adolescents and adults.


The Speech Therapists of Clinique GO™

Our team is made up of many professionals from various fields of the health and social services sector who are concerned about the well-being of their clients. These include speech therapists who are qualified to intervene for various speech and language related problems in people of all ages.


As is the case for all the professionals who make up our mobile team, our speech-language pathologists are certified, that is, their training and skills are recognized and certified by the Ordre des orthophonistes et audiologistes du Québec.


The advantages of online consultation in speech therapy

Online consultations (teleconsultations) are offered via an Internet video calling service. If you have a computer, tablet or smartphone through which you can access such a service, you can enjoy the benefits of online speech therapy consultations. It should be noted, however, that in some cases, a first face-to-face consultation may be necessary. Thereafter, the speech-language pathologist sets up an intervention plan and online consultations can be scheduled.


By using this service, you will benefit from several advantages, including:

  • Consultation fees that are lower than for a service offered in person. Indeed, online consultations do not require travel for our professionals;
  • You and your speech therapist choose the most appropriate time for your online consultations. Our professionals are flexible and able to adapt to a busy schedule;
  • You don’t have to travel for your consultations and therefore don’t have to endure traffic, look for parking, etc. You also save on travel expenses;
  • Our online consulting services may be eligible for reimbursement from certain insurers. However, we recommend that you check with yours before scheduling an online consultation to ensure your coverage.


When to use our services for online consultation in speech therapy?

Online consultation in speech therapy is most relevant for people who are old enough, in this case adolescents and adults. Moreover, since they do not involve any travel on your part, these consultations are ideal for people with reduced mobility. In addition, people living in municipalities or more remote areas can benefit from services provided by qualified professionals through online consultations.


However, here are some concrete examples of speech-language pathology needs that our team can meet remotely through online consultation in speech therapy:

  • Language disorders in adolescents and adults (dysphasia, dysarthria, apraxia, etc.);
  • Speech Fluidity disorders (stuttering);
  • Voice disorders (vocal problems following surgery, illness, overuse of the voice, etc.);
  • Speech and language therapy rehabilitation in cases of aphasia, particularly following a stroke or head injury;
  • Swallowing disorders (dysphagia);
  • The modification of an accent.


Are you wondering if online consultations are appropriate for the management of the speech-language pathology problem you or a family member are facing? Do not wait to contact our team and our dispatchers will analyze your situation in order to direct you to the most appropriate service for your case.


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