Online consultation in psychoeducation: for people of all ages

A online consultation in psychoeducation

Psychoeducation is a discipline that is little known among the population. However, psychoeducators can intervene in a variety of situations to help people of different ages adapt to a social context and help them deal with specific problems. What if we told you that the psychoeducators of Clinic GO™ can also intervene through online consultation? In the following, discover the situations in which online consultation can be integrated in children, adolescents and adults.


A word about online consultation

Also known as online consultation, this service allows you to meet with a health and social services professional through videoconferencing. At Clinique GO™, we are pleased to offer this practical and versatile service to allow you to benefit from advice in several disciplines, particularly in psychoeducation. Discover the advantages of teleconsultation on this page of our website, and contact our consultants who will be pleased to inform you on how to take advantage of this service.


Online consultation in psychoeducation: clienteles & issues

Find out more detailed information below about the different contexts in which the psychoeducational teleconsultation service fits in.


Services for parents of children aged 10 and under

Parents of young children may have difficulty juggling their many responsibilities and adapting to their child’s changing needs as they grow older. Psychoeducators can then offer sound advice to help them develop their parenting skills, whether it is to improve educational and disciplinary skills, to cope with a difficult event or changing family situation, etc.


The intervention aims to help parents recognize existing skills, but also to better understand and respond to the child’s needs. Recommendations for specific needs, such as those related to routine or discipline, may also be made.


Services for Preteens and Teens

In the case of this clientele, the psychoeducator can address the young person directly for the management of various problems, in particular:

  • The management of émotions ;
  • Managing Anxiety and sommeil ;
  • The development of social skills ;
  • Management support ;
  • The organization and planning of the schedule and tasks.


First of all, the professional draws a portrait of the young person’s social situation in order to understand the difficulties he or she encounters and their daily manifestations. Personalized advice is then offered and follow-up is also done by teleconsultation.


Adult Services

The psychoeducational teleconsultation services that are offered to adults are aimed primarily at dealing with problems that affect day-to-day functioning in a professional, family or social context. Cognitive-behavioural intervention can be used, for example, to address difficulties related to anxiety management or the management of daily schedules. The cognitive-behavioural approach aims to change a person’s thoughts and behaviours when faced with a situation that is perceived as difficult.


Psychoeducators can provide valuable help in many contexts, even in online consultation. For more information on how this service works and how it applies to your particular situation, contact our team.


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