Nursing care: Online consultation for caregivers

Our nursing care services can help support caregivers

The nurses at Clinique GO™ are versatile professionals, who can intervene in several types of situations. In particular, they offer their services through online consultation. Caregivers, who support a person who is ill or losing their autonomy, are among those who can benefit from the support of our nurses through this service. Read on to learn more about the relevance of using our online consultation in nursing care services if you are a caregiver.


Who are the caregivers?

According to the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux, “any person who provides significant, continuous or occasional support, on a non-professional basis, to a person with a disability is considered a close caregiver” (source). Thus, a person who contributes to the well-being and quality of life of a loved one who is ill or losing autonomy perhaps is considered as such. It should be noted that the support provided may be occasional and that in Quebec, 9 out of 10 family caregivers do not live with the person they are helping.


Caregivers face many challenges as they provide support to someone who is aging or suffering from an illness, often affecting their autonomy and cognitive abilities. The type of support provided varies from one case to another: support in household tasks, personal care, financial management, etc. In all cases, caregivers must juggle these responsibilities, their social life, their professional life, etc.


Clinique GO’s home nursing care

Our professionals are members in good standing of the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec, as are their counterparts who practice in the public network. Like the latter, they intervene in a wide variety of situations and with people who have equally diverse health needs. Our nurses travel to their clients’ homes, but they can also offer advice and support through online consultations.

Online consultations for caregivers

People who receive support from a caregiver often deal with particular health conditions that, in many cases, directly affect their autonomy and ability to meet their basic needs. In addition, they may require special care, such as following medical intervention or as part of their personal care. This is where our nurses can intervene through online consultations: even virtually, they can offer concrete advice for the realization of many types of care, for example for:

  • Foot care;
  • Stoma care;
  • Wound care and dressing changes;
  • Comfort care, for example in the case of palliative care.


This service is intended to be reassuring for caregivers, who can receive the support of experienced professionals to provide a wide range of care that is necessary for the well-being and comfort of their loved one.


To obtain more information about our mobile nursing services, or to find out if our professionals can help you, contact our dispatchers today. We would be pleased to inform you about our mobile services.


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