Our in-home vaccination services

Our in-home nurses can administer vaccines

Vaccines are an efficient way to prevent a plethora of diseases that could have severe consequences for your health.


At Clinique GOTM, we want to make it as easy as possible for people to access quality health care services. And we are proud to count on a mobile team of qualified nurses who are able to administer vaccines!


Which vaccines can our in-home nurses administer?

Our nurses can administer many different vaccines to clients of any age. Some vaccines are covered by the RAMQ while others are designed to meet specific needs and must be paid by the client. To help guide you, here is an overview of the vaccines we offer!


Flu vaccine

The flu vaccine makes the body produce antibodies against the virus responsible for a respiratory tract infection. New vaccines are designed every year to provide some protection against that season’s flu strains. The vaccine is available from November 1 until the end of the flu season, when the weather warms up.


Become some people are more at risk of experiencing flu complications, they can get the vaccine for free. This includes infants between 6 and 23 months and persons over the age of 60 who are in good health. The vaccine is also free for pregnant women, residents of CHSLDs, health care workers, as well as people suffering from a chronic disease (diabetes, immune disorders, cardiovascular, respiratory, and renal diseases). Family members who live in the same household as people who are more at risk can also receive a free flu vaccine.


Vaccination schedule

The Québec Immunisation Program was created to provide free vaccines to protect the population against diseases that could have serious health consequences. As such, a vaccination schedule has been created and vaccines are administered to children in schools or during consultations with a physician. Nurses with the Clinique GOTM team can also administer these vaccines for children aged 8 years and up.


Please visit this link to find out which vaccines are offered as part of the Québec Immunisation Program. These vaccines are reimbursed by the RAMQ.


Travel vaccines

Anyone wanting to visit a tropical destination or a country where the standards of hygiene and cleanliness are not the same as in Canada may require immunization against certain diseases, including hepatitis A, hepatitis B, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, and more.


Please keep in mind that our nurses do not offer travel health consultations. However, they can administer the vaccines required by the traveller’s destination.


Other vaccines

Our nurses also administer vaccines that protect against certain diseases, including shingles and HPV (STIs).


How does our mobile vaccination service work?

Our nurses can travel to the location of your choice, such as your home or workplace, to administer the vaccine you need. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Contact Clinique GOTM to book an appointment. We’ll tell you everything you need to know.
  2. You must go to a pharmacy to get the vaccine you wish to receive. If the vaccine is not covered by the RAMQ, you must pay out of pocket. Please note that we can pick it up for you to ensure that it is transported correctly.
  3. The nurse will travel to the location of your choice at the time you selected. They will administer the vaccine and remain with you long enough to make sure you do not experience an allergic reaction.


Our mobile vaccination service is versatile and can fit into your busy schedule! For more information, contact our team today!

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