The multiple health benefits of in-home massage therapy

Massage therapy can help people suffering from a wide variety of conditions

When you think of massage therapy, the first thing that might come to mind is the peaceful and relaxing ambiance of a spa. It is true that massage therapy has been proven to help people relax and unwind. However, there are multiple reasons to consult a massage therapist.


The professionals who are part of the Clinique GOTM team have the skills required to help a variety of clients with specific needs to improve their overall well-being.


Choosing the right massage therapist for your needs

When you contact Clinique GOTM for massage therapy services, we will make sure that the massage therapist we select for you has the qualifications necessary to treat your condition. Therefore, when you contact us to book an appointment, our dispatchers will ask you a few questions to understand the health condition that has motivated you to call upon our services.


Once our team selects the right massage therapist for your needs, the professional will travel to meet you at the time and location you have chosen. Clients will often want to meet the therapist in their home, but they might also want to book an appointment at their workspace if conditions permit. No matter the location, our professionals travel with a massage chair to carry out their treatment.


Before providing their treatment, a massage therapist will fill out a short questionnaire that will help them understand your health condition and any symptoms that affect your well-being. That will help them determine the best approach and techniques to use.


Massage therapy is also for…

Here are some often unknown benefits of massage therapy.


Massage therapy for individuals suffering from chronic pain

Chronic pain is a prolonged and abnormal bodily response to an injury or disease. To qualify as chronic, the pain must be persistent (more than three months) or recurring (several episodes of pain occurring over a three-month period). Chronic pain can be debilitating and prevent an individual from enjoying their day-to-day activities. It is believed that one out of four Quebecers deals with chronic pain. And with the aging population, more people are at risk of suffering from this condition.


Several conditions can result in chronic pain, and most of them can benefit from massage therapy. In fact, massage therapy can improve blood circulation and the mobility of muscles and joints which can reduce pain and relieve tension. Regular massages to alleviate chronic pain can also result in a boost of energy, improve a person’s quality of sleep, and help them manage pain attacks.


Massage therapy for cancer patients

Massage therapy can also be beneficial for individuals battling cancer. It can help them control and alleviate certain symptoms of their disease and its treatment, including nausea, pain, fatigue, and stress. Massage therapy also promotes relaxation and can generally improve a person’s quality of sleep. It may also have a direct impact on a person’s immune response.


Massage therapy for senior citizens

There are several diseases and pains that are associated with aging and massage therapy can help senior citizens improve their mobility and posture, strengthen their muscles, improve the quality of their sleep, etc.


Massage therapy for sports enthusiasts

Massage therapy can also help athletes. In fact, regular or occasional massages can help prevent and heal injuries and increase flexibility and muscle tone for better sports performances.


Massage therapy and pregnancy

Please read this article on our blog dedicated to this topic.


The importance of taking precautionary measures

If you would like to book a massage therapy session, you should think about consulting a physician first, especially if you have a health condition. That way, the physician can make sure there is no risk to your health!


Think our massage therapists can help improve your well-being? Contact us today to book an appointment!

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