In-home foot care by a nurse

A nurse offering in-home foot care

Foot care is an integral part of the in-home services provided by our nurses. Our services are as much for people who wish to maintain the good condition of their feet as for those who suffer from a particular condition that needs to be treated or cared for. Our mobile team now includes a certified foot care nurse.


Healthy feet are essential

Our feet support our entire body on a daily basis and allow us not only to move around, but also to maintain our balance. Ensuring their health is important throughout our lives, but especially as we age. In addition, we must be aware that our lifestyle habits and particular health conditions can affect their health and require more attention.


Regular practice of sports, wearing high heels or ill-fitting shoes, nail problems, osteoarthritis, diabetes… These are all examples of situations in which special foot care may be necessary. In these particular cases, there are several advantages to using our home care nurses. Directly at home or at your workplace, our certified foot care nurse will offer services adapted to your needs.


The conditions treated by our foot care nurse

Here is an overview of specific foot conditions that can be treated by our home nurse.


Toenails care

Toenails can sometimes be a problem and cause pain and symptoms. Indeed, the practice of certain sports on a regular basis and the wearing of unsuitable shoes, in particular, can affect nails or even deform them. In addition, as we age, nails tend to become more fragile and brittle, hence the importance of paying special attention to them. Our nurse will be able to provide some nail care, including:

  • Cutting and Slimming ;
  • Toenails cleaning up ;
  • The toenails fungus treatment ;
  • Prevention and treatment of ingrown toenails.


Skin Care

Foot skin remains fragile and can be affected by several conditions that it is important to treat quickly to prevent them from worsening and causing pain in the feet, while standing and walking. Our nurse can treat or manage the following conditions:

  • Corns, calluses and durillons ;
  • Warts, athlete’s foot and other conditions of the skin ;
  • Dry feet.


Care for people with diabetes

People with diabetes often have decreased sensation in their feet. For this reason, they are more likely to get hurt. In addition, the decreased blood flow caused by diabetes makes healing much slower when an injury occurs or there is an injury caused by one of the conditions mentioned above. As a result, people with diabetes face a much higher risk of complications associated with foot health.


In this sense, our nurses offer foot care that is specific to the needs of diabetics. Learn more about foot care for diabetes.


Why use our foot care services ?

There are several advantages to using the services of our certified foot care nurse.

  • Services adapted to your needs: Whether it is for regular follow-up associated with a health condition or to meet specific needs, our nurse always adapts to your needs.
  • A service at home or at your workplace: depending on your needs, our nurse will come to your home or workplace to provide you with the care you need. This does not involve any travel on your part, which is advantageous for people who have a busy schedule or who have reduced mobility.
  • A qualified nurse: member of the Ordre des infirmières du Québec and certified in foot care, our nurse has all the necessary qualifications to take care of your condition, whatever it may be.


With Clinique GO™, you always receive health services that are offered in your environment by a team of qualified professionals.


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