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Clinique GO™ offers in-home respiratory therapy services in Montreal, including Greater Montreal, Laval and Longueuil.

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What is in-home respiratory therapy ?

In Quebec, respiratory therapy is a recognized and certified profession overseen by the Ordre professionnel des inhalothérapeutes du Québec.

Respiratory therapists are trained to help people suffering from lung diseases or any other condition that affects their cardio-respiratory abilities. In fact, they are often called upon to assist physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. A respiratory therapist relies on equipment and can teach various techniques to patients to help them manage their conditions to measure, stabilize, and improve their respiratory health.

Who can benefit from our respiratory health services?

Anyone of any age can benefit from in-home respiratory services provided by Clinique GOTM. Sessions with one of our respiratory therapists lasts one hour.

Our in-home respiratory therapists can intervene in a variety of non-critical situations (cases that are not emergencies) for non-ventilated individuals. We can help with:

  • Polysomnography for sleep apnea, or sleep test, and follow-up *See details
  • A spirometry test (a basic assessment of your lung function) *See details below
  • Advice and references for in-home pulmonary rehabilitation *See details below
  • Respiratory evaluation: auscultation and saturation
  • Assessment of the type of respiratory device that suits you the best
  • Demonstration of respiratory devices adapted to the severity of your condition or disease. Our respiratory therapists use single-use demonstrators for most pumps and respiratory devices
  • Creation of a personalized action plan to help you manage a condition such as dyspnea (difficulty breathing), asthma, or in cases of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) such as pulmonary emphysema and chronic bronchitis
  • Support to help you quit smoking at your own pace, with no guilt shaming Many of our respiratory therapists have been trained to prescribe nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products. They can now prescribe patches, QuickMist, inhalers, and lozenges. However, they are not able to prescribe Champix or Zeban.
  • Advice to help improve your quality of life and help you pursue your hobbies: gardening, travelling, daily activities, etc.

Advice for parents: how to remove mucus from a baby’s nose, understanding the signs of normal or difficult breathing in a baby

Our in-home respiratory therapists may rely on one of these approaches, among others:

  • OPEP (Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure) with the use of the following devices: Aerobika, Flutter, Acapella
  • High-tech flowmeter (to assess and monitor difficulty breathing)
  • Controlled coughing techniques

Basic respiratory test: spirometry

This test includes a summary of tips and a spirometry report

A medical prescription is required for the following:

  • Basic spirometry or pre/post bronchodilator with Ventolin
  • Follow-up spirometry: for a patient with a diagnosed respiratory condition.

Clinique GOTM has a physician on staff who can give you a prescription if your condition requires one, after consultation (medical fees apply).

No prescription is required in the following cases:

  • Spirometry to detect a condition: the client must not have been diagnosed with a respiratory disease. You must have a physician to whom our respiratory therapist’s report will be sent.

Clinique GOTM has a physician on staff who can act as a consultant (medical fees apply).

In-home pulmonary rehabilitation
Its main goal is to allow people to gain and maintain the highest level of autonomy and functional abilities possible.
Pulmonary rehabilitation can improve a patient’s quality of life while increasing their tolerance to exertion, by reducing shortness of breath and promoting a feeling of well-being. This may result in fewer cases of hospitalizations.

In-home pulmonary physical therapy
Our mobile physical therapists can come to your home to provide you with pulmonary rehabilitation adapted to your condition. For example: after pulmonary surgery, after a hospitalization, when a severe respiratory disease has been diagnosed such as pneumonia, when a chronic pulmonary condition has been diagnosed such as cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, or pulmonary fibrosis.

In-home administration of medication
Our mobile nurses can administer your medication to you in your home (prescription required). Clinique GOTM has a physician on staff who can provide a prescription if your condition requires one, after consultation (medical fees apply). Our nurses can also teach you how and when to take your medication in the comfort of your own home, in the presence of family if you want.

Support for in-home physical exercise
Our kinesiologists can create a physical activity plan adapted to your condition. Their advice can help you mitigate the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, by reducing dyspnea and improving your physical abilities. However, certain physical problems can limit the types of exercises that might be recommended. Some people who need oxygen therapy may be able to reduce their reliance on the device through physical exercise. When living with a lung disease, it’s important to maintain muscle mass. In-home nutritionists with the Clinique GOTM team can also help.

In-home nutritional evaluation and advice
Individuals diagnosed with a lung disease often require a nutritional evaluation and personalized advice. It’s important that a person with a pulmonary condition avoid eating too many calories which could increase their breathing problems. In-home nutritionists with the Clinique GOTM team can also help you avoid losing weight, for instance in cases of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Some people may gain weight because they will not exercise as much. Our in-home nutritionists can help in cases of lung disease or recovery and provide services that are personalized and adapted to every condition.

Online psychosocial support
Clinique GOTM has a team of psychologists and social workers who can support people living with lung disease. They can help them better manage the stress and anxiety that stems from living with a lung disease in order to improve their quality of life. Lung disease can cause anxiety, even depression, and can lead to family problems. Find out more about our psychosocial teleconsultation services.

Clinique GO™ offer in-home respiratory therapy services in Montreal, including Greater Montreal, Laval and Longueuil.

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