Clinique GO™ offers in-home psychology services in Montreal, including Greater Montreal, Laval and Longueuil.

Clinique GO™ offers teleconsultation psychologist services throughout Quebec. Clinique GO™’s psychologists are current members of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec.

What is psychology ?

Psychology is a discipline in the field of social studies and studies the mind, behaviour and mental processes. This science includes everything related to the feelings, ideas and behaviours of a person as well the way they think, feel and act. According to the etymology of the word, psychology is the science of the soul.

A psychologist assists a patient by helping them understand themselves, thus allowing them to then find the solutions to their own psychological problems. Their family will in turn naturally benefit from this.

Why see a psychologist ?

Psychology is wrongfully associated with being crazy or weak. The reasons a person may consult a psychologist are numerous. Anyone may encounter personal problems that can affect their mental health. Here are a few reasons why a person may seek the help of a psychologist:

  • A divorce or separation affecting you or/and your family
  • Personal issues such as anxiety or depression, etc.
  • Events such as mourning, a serious illness, job loss, etc.
  • In important life events for example learning to deal with a serious illness, loss of autonomy, cognitive deficits or for caregivers etc.
  • Any form of relationship issues including with spouses/partners, parents etc.
  • Sexuality issues, lack of sexual desire, etc.
  • Problems encountered at work such as burnout, abuse of power and harassment, major conflicts, etc.
  • When battling food issues, alcoholism, drug addictions, gambling, etc.
  • To help parents face difficult issues for example after a miscarriage or the death of their child.

What does a psychology session entail?

A therapy session entails meeting with the psychologist one-on-one by videoconference. They will do their best to make you feel comfortable and ask you questions about your life, your childhood as well as some personal questions. It may be intimidating to confide in a stranger though it is important to remember that the psychologist is only trying to understand the problems that you wish to seek help for.

The psychologist might ask further questions about certain details that you mention or to express your feelings relating to these details, as well as past events. Your psychologist might use different exercises to help you concentrate, to express your emotions or to picture yourself reliving a particular event.

Your psychologist’s aim is help you identify by yourself, the root causes of your problem. They will then be able to advise you and determine with you, the best ways as well as tips to solve your problems.

Who may consult a psychologist ?

People of all ages may consult a psychologist since they are the go-to person when dealing with a psychological issue. For example an adult unhappy at their workplace or a child suffering from anxiety can seek help from a psychologist to help resolve their issues. Psychologists can also provide support to parents in different situations: during assisted reproductive technology treatment, returning home without prematurely born baby, to recover from a miscarriage, etc.

There is no age limit to consulting a psychologist!

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