Clinique GO™ offers in home and workplace Ergonomy services in Montreal, including Greater Montreal, Laval and Longueuil.

What is Ergonomy ?

Ergonomy comes from the Greek words ergon and nomos meaning work and law. Ergonomy is the science pertaining to how to adapt work environment to the worker or adapting products to their user. This science studies a person, their environment and work tasks or more precisely the different movements of a person performing work tasks so as to insure they are being performed in an optimal manner. Ergonomy aims to render equipment and work methods optimal and promote health and safety. An ergonomic tool or work method is thus adapted to the person using the tool or performing the task.

Although Ergonomy only became a discipline in the 20th century so to speak of, man has always paid attention to health at their workplace and adapted their methods for as long as man has been working. The inventor Leonardo Da Vinci already created during the Renaissance, equipment allowing man to exceed their limits during the execution of certain tasks, in particular when lifting or carrying heavy loads.

Why call on Clinique GO™’s Ergonomy services ?

Clinique GO™’s ergonomists can help in many different contexts to adapt equipment and work methods especially for the following:

At a workplace:

  • To perform an ergonomic analysis of work stations or work chains for companies.
  • To adjust and improve the Ergonomy of work stations, for example for people working on computers.
  • To offer advice in order to optimize work methods and reduce the risk of injury.

At home:

  • To advise about proper ergonomic design for personal work spaces.
  • To offer advice as how to prevent injuries and reduce repetitive strain injuries.

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Who can benefit from Clinique GO™’s Ergonomy services ?

Are you a business director wanting to offer your employees an optimal work environment? You know that several of your employees suffer from back pain due to long hours at their workstation? Look no further! Clinique GO™’s ergonomists can come directly to your workplace to offer you the best advice.

Our services are also available for individuals who wish to better their techniques and workstations at home.

Who can benefit from Clinique GO™’s Ergonomy services ?


Clinique GO™ offer in-home Ergonomy services in Montreal, including Greater Montreal, Laval and Longueuil.

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Teleconsultation in ergonomy

Many workers are now called upon to work from home in order to comply with the new social distancing measures. Unfortunately, many do not have access to an ergonomically adequate workspace. In the medium to long term, this is likely to cause a great deal of discomfort.

The Clinique GO team is proud to offer you its new teleconsultation service in ergonomy. Thanks to the remote intervention of our ergonomist, you will get advice on how to best design your workspace at home, allowing you to adopt habits that are important to your well-being at work. The goal of this service is to prevent the discomfort resulting from a non-ergonomic workstation from becoming a real source of pain.

Please note that the teleconsultation in ergonomy service is offered only through videoconference. The consultation, which last one hour, will make it possible to :

  • Optimize the layout of the workstation at home;
  • Adopt ergonomically appropriate work postures to avoid discomfort;
  • Teach exercises to be done to reduce discomfort and avoid the occurrence of pain.

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