Homecare physicians: 4 good reasons to call upon our services

Homecare physicians intervention

Clinique GO™’s homecare physicians are a valuable resource in many situations where your health condition can benefit from the intervention of qualified doctors. In addition to being able to offer you a complete medical assessment service for a minor emergency or for any condition that limits you in your daily life, our doctors can also intervene for occasional services if you do not have easy access to a family doctor or a general practitioner.


Read on to find out about specific situations where you can use our home care services rather than waiting long hours to see a doctor in the public network.


Clinique GO’s homecare physicians: trusted professionals

Our home doctors, Dr. Estérez and Dr. Couture have turned to private home care in order to offer a more humane service. They greatly appreciate having the time to serve, reassure and answer each patient’s questions. Even if they do not practice in the public network, our physicians are members in good standing of the Collège des médecins du Québec. By using their services, regardless of the nature of your needs, you are examined and cared for by a professional whose practice and qualifications are recognized.


Our home doctors can travel throughout the greater Montreal region, including Laval, Longueuil, the North Shore and Montérégie. Dr. Couture also offers his services in the Quebec City area.


Home medical services for your specific needs

As we mentioned earlier, our doctors can help in many situations, including the management of a minor emergency, or the diagnosis of any condition that prevents you from leaving your home and performing your daily activities.


For any urgent situation that puts your health or life in danger, please contact 911.


However, it is good to know that our home medical services can also be beneficial to you if you have specific needs, which however require a consultation with a general practitioner. These services are particularly targeted at people who do not have a family doctor and who otherwise have to wait a considerable period of time to access a general practitioner. Here are 4 examples.


  1. For a physical assessment

Whether in a professional setting (hiring process in some trades) or in order to initiate a fitness process, you may need to undergo a fitness assessment. In this case, our home doctors can intervene and carry out this assessment directly at your home, at your workplace or at the place of your choice, within the limits of what is possible.


Fitness assessment includes tests to define body composition and aerobic capacity, tests related to the musculoskeletal system, as well as questionnaires on lifestyle, medical history, etc. A condition report is provided to the client following the assessment.


  1. To obtain a medical reference

Do you need a medical referral to consult a pulmonologist, dermatologist or other specialist doctor? You want to consult a health or social services professional, but a doctor must refer you? Look no further and avoid travelling to get a reference. Our homecare physicians will travel to the place of your choice to meet your needs.


  1. The homologation of the protection mandate in case of incapacity

The mandate of protection in the event of incapacity is to designate the person who will make decisions related to your well-being or the administration of your property if, as a result of an accident or the consequences of an illness, you are no longer able to do so by yourself. For such a mandate to be valid, several steps must be followed and these require the intervention of different professionals. Among these, a doctor must complete a medical evaluation form, a service offered by Clinique GO™.


Read this other article on our blog to learn more about the homologation of the mandate in case of incapacity.


  1. To complete a medical form

In certain specific situations, it may be necessary to consult a doctor to have him/her complete a medical form. This is the case, in particular, for claims processes with certain insurance companies, the CNESST or the SAAQ. If you have any questions about this, our team will be able to tell you if our doctors can help you.


Clinique GO™’s homecare physician services are intended to be flexible and versatile in order to be adapted to the needs of the population. If you have any questions about a service that is not mentioned in this article, contact us now!


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