Teleconsultation with a social worker

At Clinique GO™ we are constantly looking to integrate the latest technology into our health care and in-home services.

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In that vein, we now offer consultations with a professional through videoconferencing. In fact, you can now get a teleconsultation with one of our social workers! Find out how you can benefit from their expertise, even remotely!

How a social worker can help

Few people are familiar with how and when social workers can help someone going through difficulties, which can mean different things to different people, young or old. To help you understand the role of a social worker, here are a few examples of when they can help:

  • Personal difficulties : The management of stress, anxiety and emotions; Assertiveness, self-esteem and self-confidence; Conflict or other interpersonal difficulties; Love difficulties
  • When someone has trouble adapting to a new social environment, school, or workplace
  • In the case of relationship conflicts
  • In cases of delinquency, substance abuse, and addiction
  • If an individual’s health changes or they experience a loss of autonomy
  • After a shock or trauma

No matter what their client is going through, a social worker will first analyze their social context and understand how they fulfill their social roles within their entourage. That will help the social worker understand what the individual is going through as well as its causes and impact on their daily life.

A large team that will meet your needs

Social workers often specialize in a certain clientele: kids, teenagers, senior citizens, or individuals dealing with substance abuse, mental health, etc. At Clinique GO™, we’ll be able to find the right professional for your specific situation. When you contact us to book an appointment, our staff will ask you some questions to determine your exact needs. We’ll then be able to assign the right social worker for you!

What happens during a teleconsultation with a social worker ?

A teleconsultation is easy to book and is a service that adapts to your specific needs. Because our professionals don’t have to travel, it is less costly than in-person consultations.

Here’s what happens during a teleconsultation with a social worker:


You contact our team to book an appointment and we’ll find the professional with the right qualifications for your situation


For a teleconsultation, you need to have a smart phone, tablet, or computer that can make video calls


The social worker will call you at the hour specified when you booked your appointment


The first consultation will allow the professional to understand their client’s situation. They will then be able to provide advice and determine the procedures for the following consultations and follow-ups

Keep in mind that if an intervention is requested for a child or teenager, or when this service has been requested by a third party, the social worker might need a consultation with the parent’s child or the third party first.

 Social work is a versatile discipline and our professionals can provide valuable assistance in a variety of situations. With our teleconsultation services, we’re happy to help anyone going through a difficult situation find the support they need!

For more information, contact our team today!