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GO Workplace offer health care services directly at your workplace, whether your business is large, average or small. As a business director or as an employee, GO Workplace travels to your workplace to offer you the care you need.

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What is GO Workplace ?

GO Workplace’s wide range of health care services are all provided by certified professionals who are members of associations or of their governing bodies. GO Workplace health care professionals are all carefully chosen to be part of our team to maintain the highest standards of quality.

Whether our services serve a one off need or for long term follow-ups, increase your team’s productivity by reducing absences from work since good health always pays off!

For individuals or group consolidation, our services do not require a medical prescription and are often partially or fully reimbursed by private insurances.

What health care services does GO Workplace offer?

GO Workplace offer the following health care services at your workplace:

Ergonomy: Working long hours in front of a computer can lead to many problems as well as postural issues. GO Workplace Ergonomy services are provided by certified professionals. Do not hesitate to contact GO Workplace for Ergonomy services to optimize workstations or for postural advice for yourself or your employees.

Physicians: Want to quickly consult a physician without taking time off from work? Our physicians can meet with you at your office. It’s never been easier to get medical advice without having to take precious time off from work.

Nutrition: It is important to eat a healthy and balanced diet for well-being and to remain concentrated throughout your day at work. Do you wish to receive or offer your employees general advice about healthy eating? Or even organize a workshop helping them to make wise decisions for meals and snacks to improve their performance at work? GO Workplace nutritionists have the necessary knowledge to offer you what you are looking for.

Osteopathy: Have you been meaning to book an appointment with an osteopath about a torticollis that has been bothering you for a while, though you haven’t had a chance because of your work schedule? Look no further! GO Workplace offers osteopathy services directly at your workplace. You no longer need to battle to find time in your busy schedule to book an appointment!

Physiotherapy: GO Workplace also offers physiotherapy provided by certified professionals. GO Workplace physiotherapists are able to offer many of the same services provided in clinics, directly at your workplace.

Massage therapy: GO Workplace offers massage therapy to businesses. GO Workplace will come directly to your workplace to provide massages performed by certified massage therapists, for yourself or as a gift to your employees on a special occasion or as a reward.

We offer massages on a massage table or chair and we will bring with us all the necessary equipment.

Acupuncture: The benefits of acupuncture sessions are numerous, so why not allow your employees to benefit from them too? Contact our GO Workplace acupuncture services to organize sessions at your workplace.

Why contact GO Workplace ?

Contacting GO Workplace for their professional services will help you and your employees improve their health. You will improve their efficiency and reduce employee absences. Using GO Workplace’s services will pay off!

All our services are available to individuals as well as groups, at very competitive prices in comparison with clinics. GO Workplace allows you to receive the care you need without leaving work.