16 April 2018

Anxiety disorders in children and teenagers

Many of us experience anxiety, a normal emotion. And children and teenagers are no exception. Because anxiety is associated with fear, it can help protect us […]
27 March 2018

Kinesiology: prescribing physical activity to improve health

In this online era of social media, it’s not always easy to know which sources can be trusted. Especially if you’re looking for information to help […]
28 February 2018
Psychoeducation services for families

Psychoeducation services for families

Psychoeducation is a versatile discipline that can help an individual adapt to their environment and fulfill their potential. Even though it is commonly associated with educational […]
28 February 2018
Physician house calls: when to call upon our services

Physician house calls: when to call upon our services

Whether you’re suffering from an injury, infection, or virus, you might be limited in your abilities to carry out your daily activities, go to work, etc. […]
9 January 2018


Clinique GOTM now offers in-home audiology services, which are particularly useful if you suffer from tinnitus. Our audiologists will travel to your home or workplace in […]
20 November 2017

In-home blood sample collection services

Has your physician ordered a blood test and you need to get blood drawn? Don’t waste time waiting at the hospital and avoid having to travel […]
1 November 2017

Foot care & diabetes

Most of us know that those living with diabetes must regularly check their glycemic index, but did you also know that diabetics must also make sure […]
10 October 2017

Seasonal affective disorder

When the temperatures drop and the days become shorter, many of us experience lower levels of energy or mood changes. In fact, 2 to 3% of […]
20 September 2017

Physician house calls

Providing quick access to health care treatments is a major challenge for the public health care network. To get health care services without having to go […]
18 September 2017

Homologation of a protection mandate

If you are the victim of an accident or a disease, your capacity to take care of yourself and your property might be compromised. In order […]
21 August 2017

Psychoeducation and ADHD: win-win formula

If your child suffers from ADD/ADHD, you are probably well aware that there are many misconceptions surrounding this disorder. “It’s only a phase”, “All the child […]
9 August 2017

Osteopathy during pregnancy

Osteopathy is a practice that deals with a wide range of issues and is increasing in popularity. In Quebec, more and more pregnant women are consulting […]