Back to school : advices from our psychoeducators

Psychoeducators can help in back to shcool time

The start of the school year is undoubtedly a tumultuous time for families. End of the holidays, return from routine, homework, new teacher, new classmates… For parents as well as for children, the end of summer and the return to school certainly require some adaptations. However, for some children, the start of the school year can become a real moment of anxiety, especially in the case of adjustment or learning difficulties. However, it should be noted that children and their parents must not deal with these difficulties alone and that professionals are there to support them during this period: the psychoeducators at Clinique GO™.


In the following, our psychoeducators offer you some tips to make the back-to-school period easier and explain the relevance of using their mobile services.


Simple advice from our psychoeducators to help you get back to school

Psychoeducators are professionals who are ideally suited to help people who face difficulties adapting to their environment, regardless of the environment. It is when these difficulties manifest themselves in a person’s behavior that it is appropriate to seek psychoeducational services.


The psychoeducators at Clinique GO™ are certified professionals, members in good standing of their professional order, the OPPQ. Their mobility allows them to move directly to areas where difficulties arise. In the case of problems related to the school environment, our psychoeducators can travel to the school as well as to their client’s home in order to make all the observations necessary to set up a perfectly adapted intervention plan.


In order to prevent difficulties related to the start of the school year, our psychoeducators wanted to offer you advice to facilitate this period.


Organize for a smooth return to routine

“Organization” should always be the watchword to facilitate the return to school. Indeed, as parents, you can easily make the transition from vacation to school easier by reinstalling a routine a few days before the start of the school year. Organize your meals well, get enough time to get the children’s school materials and supplies they need and, most importantly, make sure you adopt a “school” style routine, especially in the evening and at bedtime.


If you are well prepared, you are less likely to be anxious yourself and to pass on your anxiety to your children. Children who are calmer and more relaxed will have more opportunities to adopt the school routine, while better adapting to the changes that come with the start of the school year.


Do not hesitate to involve the child’s school workers

When changes in children’s behaviour are observed during school hours, it may be more than relevant to take advantage of the involvement of the child’s school workers. Whether it is a teacher or an educator, they spend a lot of time during the week with the child and will be able to share their observations with you. In addition, some children may be reluctant to communicate the difficulties they encounter with their parents, especially for fear of disappointing them. In this case, school workers can facilitate communication and exchanges with the child. In addition, their expertise and knowledge of the school environment in which the child lives can be of great help if external professionals must be consulted (psychoeducator, psychologist, etc.).


In short, it should not be assumed that psychoeducators can only be consulted in the case of learning difficulties that are recurrent, for example, in children with ADHD. Indeed, one-time interventions can greatly benefit children and their families, even if the difficulties encountered are temporary and related to a period of change (return to school, relocation, separation, etc.).


Always remember that by using Clinique GO™’s mobile services, you will benefit from the intervention of our psychoeducators directly in settings where it counts for the well-being of your child and your entire family!


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